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Behaviour Charter

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Behaviour Charter

At Lutley we uphold the articles ofthe UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. All children have the right to learn without disruption.


We all have a responsibility to always:

*    listen well and stay focused when learning(Article 28)


*    treat people with care, include and support each other. (Articles 15, 29 and 31)


*    use kind hands and feet. (Articles 15, 29 and 31)


*    be honest and make good choices. (Articles 15, 29 and 31)


*    share our opinions in a respectful way. (Articles 12 and 30)


*    respect others’ cultures, religions and beliefs.  (Article 14)


*    aim high by showing grit and facing challenges positively.  (Article 28)


*    use kind words in person and online. (Article 19)


*    follow the SMART rules when using technology. (Article 19)


*    treat our school and the environment with respect. (Article 19)


*    follow instructions to stay safe and tell an adult if you notice anything unsafe or if you need help. (Article 19)

 … together we will uphold this charter.